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File: Kunduz, Afghanistan for Arma 3

Size: 1,129.50MB

- James2464

- Project Reality
- JBAD by Milkman & SmokeDog
- Afghan Lighting by Fabiano Celentano
- Northwest placement by Minimalaco
- Qalat Tower by Robster
- Wheat fields by Opteryx

Special Thanks
- Mikero Tools by Mikero
- X-Cam by Silola
- Ben Rampling
picture = "\pra3\pra3_kz\data\kunduz_icon_ca.paa";
logo = "\pra3\pra3_kz\data\kunduz_logo_ca.paa";
logoOver = "\pra3\pra3_kz\data\kunduz_logoOver_ca.paa";
tooltipOwned = "Kunduz, Afghanistan";
action = "";
overview = "With over one year of work and many failed attempts I'd like to thank Bohemia Interactive, contributors and the Arma 3 terrain modding community for their part in the successful completion of this terrain.";
hideName = 1;
hidePicture = 0;
name = "Kunduz, Afghanistan";
author = "James2464";

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